This Viral TikTok Changed My Life With A Simple Space Bar Hack That You Need To Learn Now

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I am constantly making mistakes while typing on my phone. I love using the Swype option so that I can get my words out faster, however, my phone pulls up some words that I’m not even sure actually exist!

You see, I have fat stubby chunky fingertips. I also get frustrated very quickly.

So when I make a mistake I have to either delete back or attempt to click the spot in the message where the mistake is to move the cursor to fix it. With my chunky fingertips, this can be a real chore and very frustrating!

Thankfully, someone on TikTok just educated me and now my life has changed for the better.

This morning I learned that the spacebar can do so much more than making a space. If y’all knew about this and never told anyone, why????

denise.mccann – TikTok

The Things I Learn On TikTok!

I was today years old when I learned that if you make a mistake while typing or Swyping, your space bar can save you quickly. You don’t have to try to force your cursor into the correct space with a stubby fingertip.

denise.mccann – TikTok

All that you need to do is place your finger on the space bar and slide it back to the spot where the mistake is! Seriously, this is not a joke!


This iPhone space bar hack is life changing!! ##spacebar ##spacebarchallenge ##iphonetricks

♬ Airplane Mode – Limbo

This blew my mind and I can’t stop doing it. ##lifehacks ##phones ##blewmymind


At first, I was like surely this is just a fancy iPhone thing and doesn’t work on an Android because I would have known right? Nope, I immediately tested it on my Android and it works!

I felt just like this guy after I watched it… Mind blown!


##stitch with @denise.mccann Life hack. ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##ihadnoidea ##lifehack ##noclue

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  1. i have an android and it doesnt work so haha funny joke….not……

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