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Bacon Wrapped Oreos Are A Thing and I’m Confused and Intrigued At The Same Time

Oreos + Bacon? Wait, what?!

Maybe I am living under a rock here but did you know that bacon wrapped oreos was a thing? Until about 5 minutes ago, I did not.

Here’s the thing – I LOVE bacon. I also love Oreos but those two together? I am not convinced.

However, it’s quite the thing and tons of people make them.

It is literally how it sounds, you wrap Oreo cookies in strips of bacon and then grill it up. The outcome – HOT, smoked bacon wrapped Oreos.

Some people even top the bacon wrapped cookie with a BBQ seasoning or rub before grilling.

Surprisingly, people are saying they are delicious. They have that smoky/spicy/sweet/salty flavor which seems like a mouthful of confused emotions and flavors.

So, the next time you are craving something strange in the neighborhood, this might just be what you need!

I won’t lie, if someone made these, I’d at least give them a try!

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