You Can Get Hot Chocolate Bombs That Melt In Your Milk and Have Mini Marshmallows Inside

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As the weather cools down I find myself searching for things to keep me warm including hot drinks!

And that is when I came across these Hot Chocolate Bombs!! They are here to save the day and taste amazing too!

Amazon is currently selling hot chocolate bombs that are filled with tiny marshmallows inside!


Basically, you just add the chocolate ball into a cup, pour hot milk over it and in seconds you have your own homemade hot chocolate.

You can also just drop the chocolate bomb into warm milk too!

Drop, Pour and Enjoy this yummy Hot Chocolate Bomb Hot Chocolate is made from Real Belgian Milk Chocolate and includes mini dehydrated marshmallows, the drink pairs perfectly with a cold winter night Belgian Milk Chocolate ball will melt into a smooth, rich, delicacy.

These will make such fun gifts and even awesome stocking stuffers. Check out them in full action in the video below.


You can snag the Frankford Hot Chocolate Bombs on Amazon Here.


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