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Apple Will No Longer Be Including EarPods And Power Adapters When You Purchase A New iPhone

Apple has announced big news regarding the new iPhone 12 and I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the new screen.

Courtesy of Apple

Starting with the next generation iPhones, Apple will no longer be providing a power charger or earphones when you purchase the new phone and I’m pretty sad about it.

Individuals who’ve purchased iPhones in the past are used to getting new headphones and power chargers included in the box and personally, I’ve always looked forward to receiving new EarPods because you can always use a backup to your backup headphones.

Apple has come to this decision to reduce carbon emissions by not making iPhone accessories and cutting the size of the shipping box with each iPhone.

Apple has also pointed out that by doing so, they will save 2 million metric tons of carbon annually.

Courtesy of Apple

However, Apple will still feature the USB-C to Lightning charging cable but the EarPods and power adaptor will now be sold separately.

Desktop close up.

So, I hope you all have stocked up on power adapters and headphones since we can longer get them for free.

Is it just me or does everyone else have an entire drawer filled with blasts from the past of iPhone accessories?

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