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Kim Kardashian Panics When She Unknowingly Tries The Aging Filter On TikTok And People Have Thoughts

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Kim Kardashian says she worries about aging every single day.

I mean, it’s inevitable. It happens to the best of us — literally on a daily basis.

But, Kim works very hard to stave off the effects of aging — and she does a pretty stellar job, right?

From spending hours at the gym, to eating a healthy diet, to the newest facials and skin tightening procedures, to getting a bit of medical help — she does it all to try to stop that aging process.

We were having dinner with my mom last night for her birthday. We were talking about [aging], — It’s obviously about the wisdom. There’s a sense of calmness and wisdom you get from life. But it also just sucks. There’s no easy way.

The Cut

Kim has even been known to edit the photos she posts on social media to hide any aging that might be occurring.

You might also notice that in most photos, Kim isn’t smiling. There’s a method behind her madness.

She says that smiling causes wrinkles, and she is having none of it.

Side Note: How sad is that?!? Just let that smile fly!! A good belly laugh will do you a world of good!

Kim Kardashian Tries The Aging Filter On TikTok And Panics

So, earlier this week, Kim’s close friend and makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, posted a video that Kim wasn’t quite expecting.

The TikTok video was supposed to predict what you will look like in the future — wrinkles and all.

When the video starts, it seems like Kim has no idea what is about to happen. She looks happy and a bit curious about what Ariel is doing.

As soon as the filter starts doing its thing, Kim is having none of it!!

She quickly throws up her hands, trying her best to cover the camera and hide its effects.

It’s like her worst fears are coming true and confronting her face to face.

TBH, I can’t really tell a big difference, can you?

People in the comments of the TikTok video are quick to point out that aging is Kim’s biggest fear.

She kind of turns into a less elderly version of her mom, right?!?

Don’t worry, Kim. You’re still beautiful, and people still want to be you.

You can see the entire — although very short — video of Kim using the aging filter HERE.

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