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Taylor Swift Handing Out $100 Bills To Food Runners At The Chief’s Game Is Generosity Goals

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Too many celebrities are known to be difficult to deal with when it comes to being a server in the food industry.

There’s a sense of entitlement that kind of goes along with the territory that can be mighty unattractive.

But, that sense of entitlement apparently doesn’t apply to Miss Taylor Swift, and it’s so refreshing.

At the latest game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots, Taylor, of course, had her own luxury suite where they serve up food and drinks during the game.

Now, it would be very easy, what with all the celebrating and football watching, to not give the wait staff a second thought.

Taylor, however, made it a point to acknowledge and thank the people serving her in the best way possible.

One stealthy fan snapped a photo of Taylor handing out $100 tips to her food runners, and people are loving it.

Not only are there $100 tips being given, but Taylor, herself is actually communicating with the staff — not some assistant.

Y’all — she actually went into the kitchen, and made it a point to hand out the $100 tips to staff!

This just shows what a genuine, upstanding person she really is, which her fans have known all along.

If I wasn’t a Taylor Swift fan, I sure am now!

She is #goals when it comes to being an upstanding human being that genuinely cares about the people around her, actually treating them with respect.

Isn’t it awesome that she has such a generous spirit, especially during the holiday season when people can struggle more than you actually know?!?

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