Post Malone Got A New Face Tattoo To Ring In The New Year

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Post Malone is known for a lot of things. His awesome music being one, and his tattoos being another.

Did you catch him singing on New Year’s Eve? If you did, you might have noticed something new amongst his face tattoos.

The singer, who already has over 50 tattoos, added a special new face tattoo for the New Year’s festivities.

He had a gauntlet added in front of his right ear, right where his sideburn usually meets his beard.

The design was added by Kyle Hediger, who’s Instagram shows a picture of Post Malone, with the text “Last tattoo of 2019. Gauntlet on the baby boy @postmalone love u. 2020 is going to be next level. Love you all”

All I can think is ‘OUCH!’ I’m all for expressing yourself, but that HAD to hurt.

In a 2018 interview, Post Malone stated he got his face tattoos to piss off his mom. Ha! I bet it worked like a charm.

I wonder if she likes this the new gauntlet piece? I have to say, it does look pretty cool mixed in with his other facial works of art.

No word on how long Posty — as the kids call him — had to sit for this gauntlet design.

Did you know that you can get a temporary tattoo of your friend’s face. You can put it WHEREVER you want — including your face!

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