People Are Putting Vinegar In Their Laundry To Make It Whiter, Softer And To Remove Stains

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Vinegar is a widely used tool that’s used to solve multiple problems and to make life easier. Otherwise known as a popular cooking ingredient, vinegar can do much more than just dress up your salad.

My dad uses vinegar outside of the kitchen. Even though it smells bad, my dad mostly uses vinegar to kill bugs around the house, especially lantern flies.

It’s the perfect solution.

Did you know that you can also use vinegar to wash your laundry? I didn’t either! Here are five vinegar laundry hacks.

Vinegar can be used to remove stains. Depending on your load, you can use between a 1/2 cup or 1 full cup of vinegar with your regular detergent to remove harsh stains such as coffee spills, red wine, oil etc.

My Nana (grandmother) told me she used to fight stains with vinegar all of the time before detergent became so advanced. However it still works if you prefer a more natural solution!

I make sauce regularly. I’m looking forward to the next time I can use vinegar as an addition to loosening stains, when I need to fight off a marinara stain.

My roommate’s mom even gave us her secret to noticeably cleaner looking clothes and a hack she swears by.

By using 1/2 cup of vinegar, paired with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and pouring in your regular detergent half way through the cycle, will improve the look of clothes and give you a cleaner feel!

You can also use vinegar to whiten whites. I’ve actually heard of this hack many times. However, bleach is always an excellent fallback if you can’t stand the initial smell when adding vinegar in the beginning of your wash.

Vinegar is also known to soften clothing. It’s a big priority of mine to always make sure my clothes come out soft after washing and drying. If you’d like, you can completely get rid of your fabric softener and try this substitution instead!

Lastly, vinegar can be used to remove funky odors. Again, depending on how much laundry you put into the washing machine, you should use between a 1/2 cup to a full cup of vinegar for this hack to work.

So it looks like vinegar is a great tool to use in the kitchen, but it also is the secret ingredient on laundry days. The product gets a bad reputation because of its smell, but who knew it could lend a helping hand in a variety of daily house chores?!

The next time you wash your laundry, throw in some vinegar, you won’t be sorry!

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  1. I use a cup of vinegar with a cup of Dawn to spray on my bathbub…it cleans beautifully.

    1. @Marlene, me too! I put it in spray bottle half and half. Spray down the walls of the shower and tub. Man it gets all that grimy soap scum and mold as well.

  2. I mix vinegar and a scent of lavender or something else to put in a container with special towelettes to throw in the dryer for clothes to be softened and smell better!

  3. I use 1 cap of vinegar in the rice cooker when cooking rice to last longer , so that rice won’t spoil quickly. I use vinegar also to clean calcium build ups even in my percolator , etc…..

  4. So happy to hear this this will be my regular detergent

  5. Will definitely try iam busy with my washing I know vinegar is very good

  6. I’ve been useing vinegar and baking soda in my laundry for years Also use them all around my house Vinegar’s natural bleach is chemical
    If you don’t like the smell of vinegar how in Heaven’s name would you be able to bear the strong smell of bleach?

    1. @Sharon, some of us are weird. i love the smell of bleach. always have. use it to clean my entire house. but vinegar is good in laundry to make it soft….

    2. @Sharon, I have used vinegar and baking soda for an anti acid!! ha

    3. @Sandy Welte, I also love the smell of bleach but too often I have had some colored things in my whites and that doesn’t work to use bleach!!