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You Can Get A Sled That Looks Like A Snowmobile For That Perfect Sledding Experience

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You know what I can’t wait for this year? SNOW!!

Now, according to the Almanac, it is going to be a mild winter where I live — BOOOO!! — but, I am determined to go somewhere that has mountains full of that frozen bliss.

Check out what I am going to take to the mountains with me — it’s a freaking inflatable snowmobile!!

How cool is that?!?

This snowmobile gets 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon Reviews, and it only costs 80 bucks, y’all. You can’t beat that!!

Okay, so if you want to get all technical, this is actually a downhill sled for the snow, but it totally looks like a snowmobile. It has a grooved bottom design, so it will float on top of the snow faster and smoother than you can even imagine.

This sled can hold up to two adults on its cushioned 30 inch seat, and its wide handles make for a safe descent down the snowy trails.

Coated with K80 heavy duty snow vinyl material, our inflatable snowmobile sled finished with cold-resistant treatment, allow it handle multiple snow terrain, had abrasion resistance and excellent flexibility, performs well in cold temperatures.


Now, if you want to give this as a Christmas gift — like, to me — it comes in a nifty little box that. You only have to wrap it, and VOILA!! Instant gift.

It comes with the inflatable snow sled, as well as a towing rope that you can attach to the front to easily drag the sled to the top of the hill.

You can get your OWN Inflatable Snowmobile Sled on the Amazon website. It will, legit, be the most fun on the snow you will have this winter season!!

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