Here’s How To See The Earth’s Shadow On Earth Day

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The 54th annual Earth Day celebration is right around the corner and as we all know, Earth day is a time where we give back to our beautiful planet.

And let’s not forget that Earth Day is also holiday to increase awareness of environmental problems!

For many, Earth Day is celebrated by cleaning up litter on the streets, planting trees, recycling, and simply enjoying the environment Mother Nature has provided.

Although if you’ve never celebrated Earth Day before, make this year the start of a new tradition to honor the Earth!

Now if you’re stuck on how to contribute to Earth Day, don’t panic, we have you covered!

Planting trees or more specifically, pollinator-friendly plants that attract bees and butterflies are a great way to celebrate Earth Day.

Picking up litter and cleaning up your neighborhood from debris is another excellent way to take part in Earth Day.

Conserving water, composting, recycling old clothes, or deleting old emails believe or not, are all superb ways to help make the Earth greener!

And after completing your Earth Day activities, you can also settle down to catch the Earth’s shadow!

To view the planet’s shadow, you’ll want to face East after sunset, and you should notice a dark blue band on the horizon.

Now how cool is that?

But remember, don’t just use Earth Day as the only reason to give back to the planet because we should be doing so every single day!

To print for Earth Day, which falls on April 22, you can also check out this free Earth day printable board game to have even more fun with friends and family on the holiday!

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