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You Can Get A Pink Barbie Surfboard Pool Float So You Can Just Beach All Summer

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It’s no doubt that the hit movie Barbie has inspired a significant increase in pink decor, and we aren’t complaining!

From clothing, to margarita glasses, Airbnb’s, and now pool floats, we all want to live like Barbie or Ken and it shows!

Courtesy of Funboy

During the dog days of summer where the only solution to cool down is by being poolside, you can now float your way into a chill summer with the new Barbie-inspired pool float!

Remember the surfboard that Ken carried throughout a few scenes in the movie? After all, his job was “Beach” lol.

Courtesy of Funboy

Well thanks to Funboy, you can now relax like Ken with this pretty and pink surfboard pool float that’s over 6 feet tall!

So there’s no need to worry about your feet hanging off the end because there’s plenty of leg room on this pool float!

Courtesy of Funboy

Although would having your toes dip in the pool while laying on top of this float really be all that bad?

Oh, and one of the cool things about this Barbie pool float is the design, because this summer float is reversible!

Courtesy of Funboy

So while one half of this surfboard is pink and white striped, you can count on the other side to be decorated with the letter “B”, written in pink from head to toe!

You can currently find the Barbie-inspired surfboard pool float to live out your Barbie or Ken fantasy this summer by clicking here!

Courtesy of Funboy

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