You Can Swim With Pigs at a Beach in The Bahamas and I’m On My Way Now

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Typically when we visit the beach, we can expect to swim with the jellyfish, crabs, and the occasional crowd of seaweed.

While swimming with dolphins sounds familiar, there’s one beach that offers swimming freestyle next to pigs and yes, it’s a real place! 

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Commonly known as Pig Beach but officially known as Big Major Cay, this island can be found in the Bahamas’ Exuma Cays where the pigs are the island’s only inhabitants.

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With clear blue skies above and even clearer blue water below your feet, you can swim with piglets or Big Momma, who is the oldest and largest pig on the island.

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Not to mention you can feed the pigs too, and remember to always respect and act responsibly when visiting and interacting with the pigs on the island.

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While there are several folktales explaining why these pigs call the beach their home, the most common one revolves around a farming community that released the pigs on the island because of their unpleasant smell.

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So in order to feed the pigs, villagers nearby would travel by boat to bring food to the pigs and overtime, the pigs began swimming to the boats on their own for food, which is exactly what these pigs will do when you arrive on the island!

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**Add visit pigs on an island to bucket list, check**!

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