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You Can Get Eggnog Cream Liqueur From Trader Joe’s And It Just Made My Year

Is anyone else obsessed with eggnog or is it just me? Sometimes I feel like it’s just me until I see amazing eggnog products start popping up!

Leave it to Trader Joe’s to step it up and bring us some AMAZING looking Eggnog Cream Liqueur! I’m salivating a little just thinking about it!

According to Trader Joe’s site:

Long ago, people sipped their nog from a noggin (“nog” being strong ale; “noggin” being a small cup made from a hollowed-out, knotty outgrowth of a tree trunk). Today, Trader Joe’s Egg Nog Liqueur brings things to the next level of nogginess.

Made exclusively for us, this is a mixture of spiced rum, brandy, and cinnamon, blended with a base of pure cream. It’s a sweet, cordial concoction that will guide you to the holiday spirit faster than ever, thanks to the fact that this boozy beverage is pre-mixed. Like its non-alcoholic nog namesake, this luxuriously smooth, spiced Liqueur is great straight. It’s definitely divine in coffee. It’s also splendid blended with ice cream for a merry milkshake.

The best part? These are only $7.99. What?! I plan on getting a few to stock up. This sounds so incredible. Imagine all the drinks you can make with it!

Trader Joe’s