These 10 Simple Cooking Hacks Will Make Your Food Taste Better

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I love to cook…

But anything I can do to make the job easier and the food taste better, sign me up!

There are a few simple tweaks you can make to your cooking routine that will take your food to the next level, and you need to add them to your kitchen regimen immediately.

Literally, these are the easiest changes, and you are going to love them!

10 Simple Cooking Hacks That Will Make Your Food Taste Better

1) Rinse Your Rice To Make It Less Goopy

Rice is a starch — but you want to get it less starchy. That surface starch that likes to hang out on rice can make it gooey.

Give it a quick rinse under cold water before you add it to your rice cooker — and make sure to use a rice cooker to make your life easier!!

2) Chop Everything The Same Size

Chopping all your veggies the same size means they are going to cook more evenly.

You can use a food chopper to help you get an even dice on all your veggies.


3) Dry Your Meat Before You Sear It

Meat can contain a bunch of water, which will interfere with the searing process.

Dry your meat off with a paper towel before you throw it in the hot oil.

4) Let Your Oil Get Hot Enough Before You Cook In It

Not letting your oil get up to temp before you add your ingredients can result in soggy food.

To get that crispy food that you want, make sure the oil gets hot enough before you go dropping the food in the pan.

Pro Tip: If you put the handle of a wooden spoon into your oil, and you see bubbles, it is ready.

5) Sear Your Meat Before You Add It To Your Crock Pot

Searing your meat before you add it to your crock pot will give it a depth of flavor that you will love.

Don’t cook it all the way through. You just want a brown color on the outside of the meat.

6) Add Your Garlic Last When Sautéing Veggies

Garlic will be the first thing to burn in hot oil.

Burned garlic will get super bitter really quickly.

Add it during the last part of sautéing your veggies will help ensure that your garlic doesn’t burn.

7) ALWAYS Salt Your Pasta Water

The pasta will soak up the salt from the water, giving it an excellent flavor.

You want to make the water as salty as the sea — in other words, be heavy handed with the salt.

8) Salt Things Like Mushrooms, Onions, And Zucchini AFTER You Cook Them Down

Mushrooms, onions, and zucchini release a lot of water as they cook down.

Adding salt to these veggies while you cook them will release even more water … which can make them soggy.

Wait until the veggies are nice and browned before you go adding the salt.

9) Don’t Use Your Microwave To Reheat

Yuk. Microwave reheating will make your food soggy and gross.

You want to reheat your food like you originally cooked it — or an Air Fryer usually works wonders.

10) Remember That Things Will Continue To Cook When You Turn Off The Heat

Have you ever made the perfect eggs, just to find out they are rubbery once they hit the plate?

That’s because they will continue to cook in the heat of the pan until you remove them.

Be mindful of the continued heat from the pan, and take your food out right away.

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