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Don’t Order from Zaycon Fresh, They’ll Steal Your Money

Eating healthy for us has been a challenge except when it came to eating fresh meats. We USED to order from Zaycon Fresh which was a company known for farm fresh meats you could order in bulk for a great price. But, I am here to tell you – Don’t Order from Zaycon Fresh, They’ll Steal Your Money!!

Zaycon Fresh allowed you place orders for bulk meats such as chicken, bacon, steaks, and so much more. You’d place an order and have a designated pick-up time and place. You’d arrive on that day and they would load your car with your order. We used to love it and it was a great way to buy chicken which would last our family a few months.

However, we haven’t purchased this year. You see, earlier this year Zaycon started having quality and control issues. Everything from people’s orders be cancelled for no reason to meats not being as fresh as they once were.

And now, it’s gone too far.

As of yesterday, Zaycon Fresh has closed it’s doors. No warning, no refunds and people are as upset as you’d be if your money was taken for an order and that order was never fulfilled. Here is the email that was sent out:

It’s sad to see company’s like this close it’s doors but I really feel for those that have placed orders with them the last few months and haven’t received their orders. I am even more sad that these people have no way to contact the company for a refund. What exactly do I mean?

Well, today the Zaycon Fresh Facebook page has been shut down. And their website has been shut down as well.

The only way to contact them is an email listed on the homepage of their website. However, I highly recommend disputing the charge with your credit card company for a quicker response.

Many upset customers and employees are threatening legal action for having hundreds of dollars taken without any answers or product. You can see the class action lawsuit here.

What do you think? Are you someone that has ordered and had their money stolen?



Saturday 19th of October 2019

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sabra booth

Wednesday 27th of February 2019

the class action suit has to do w investors and board members. not customers. yet


Monday 27th of August 2018

I received an order the day before the closure was announced. Zaycon had postponed delivery twice. They still owed me another order that I placed in March. That order had also been postponed. It didn't look good because it was well over 60 days that I could supposedly claim on my credit card. $120 down the drain. Around July 2nd I went ahead and disputed the charge with Wells Fargo, all automated from their website. The next day Wells Fargo (temporarily) credited my account by $120 and opened an investigation. Roughly six weeks later, WF emailed me to say they were closing the investigation and I could keep my $120.

Jacob K

Sunday 12th of August 2018

Post the exec's name here if you know them. I am really good at finding information :) I will post here what ever I come up with so people closer to Washington can go harass these thieves that took my money as well.

sabra booth

Wednesday 27th of February 2019

check the class action suit link. names are all in there


Thursday 9th of August 2018

Is there a link to a class action lawsuit. They owe me over $500 in undelivered products.