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Target Has A Giant Watermelon Sprinkler And It’s Perfect For The Entire Family

Watermelon anyone?

It seems to be the perfect summer time snack and not to mention, it’s good for you! I don’t know many people who don’t like the bright red snack except for ME, UGH!

I know what you’re thinking, how you could you not like a fruit that’s mostly water? It boggles my mind too, but I’ve tried it over, and over again!

However this Watermelon, you cannot eat! But it is sold at your nearest Target… TGFT! (Thank God For Target)

It’s called the Wet N’ Wild Mega Melon Ball Jumbo Sprinkler and you can get it for only 20 bucks; sweet, just like an actual Watermelon!

36 inches high, weighing only 3 pounds for easy set-up, this mega sprinkler will have no problem getting the entire family wet.

Courtesy of Target

Plus it is super cute! Who doesn’t want to run through a Watermelon sprinkler in your bathing suit while holding a super soaker! I call family picture!

Courtesy of Target

It’s great for the kids and even allows parents to hop in too, there’s plenty of room to get wet!

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