The IRS Says The Stimulus Website ‘Track My Money’ Is Now Up And Running Correctly

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If you haven’t gotten your stimulus check yet, you’re not alone.

If you have tried to use the IRS tool to track your check, but you’ve had trouble, you ALSO aren’t alone.

These are unprecedented waters we are all treading here, and as such, the IRS is having to learn as they go. That being said, they’ve had bugs with the stimulus tracking tool website.

Many people, including my elderly family members, have not gotten their checks, and have complained that the website isn’t working.

Well, that should *HOPEFULLY* be fixed now.


The tool has now undergone “significant enhancements” and is delivering an “improved and smoother experience.”

Yahoo Money

When the website first went live earlier this month, it was inundated with people trying to track their stimulus money. The system was simply overwhelmed.

The IRS says that this problem has been resolved.

We encourage people to check back in and visit Get My Payment — These enhancements will help many taxpayers. By using Get My Payment now, more people will be able to get payments quickly by being able to add direct deposit information.

IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig

So basically, go back to the stimulus site. Be prepared to enter your personal information: Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Mailing Address.

If you want to get your check via Direct Deposit (which you DO), there are a few more bits of information the IRS will need from you:

  • Adjusted Gross Income from your most recent Tax Return submitted (either 2019 or 2018)
  • The Refund or Amount You Owed from your latest filed tax return
  • Your Bank Account Type
  • Account Number and Routing Number

Never fear. They are working hard to get you your stimulus money. You may just need to give them a little push.

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