Study Reveals It Takes 1.71 Days to Poop Out A LEGO

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Once you decide to have LEGO’s in your home – all bets are off. You’ll find them everywhere and honestly, it’s pretty likely your kid at some point will eat one.

Most of the time they will be fine but in case you’re wondering how long it’ll take them to digest and poop out the LEGO, Study Reveals It Takes 1.71 Days to Poop Out A LEGO.

I want to point out you shouldn’t go swallow LEGO’s and I truly hope this isn’t a new challenge that pops up with teens (like that awful Tide Pods era) but if you accidentally swallow a LEGO head, you’ll at least know…

So, how did this even become a thing?

Well, 6 intrepid volunteers swallowed the heads of LEGO figurines for the unusual but information packed study.

According to the research published in the The Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health, the study was conducted because:

Children frequently ingest coins (generally with minimal reported side effects); however, the ingestion of other items has been subject to less academic study. Parental concern regarding ingestion applies across a range of materials. In this study, we aimed to determine typical transit times for another commonly swallowed object: a Lego figurine head.

The Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health

Participants were asked to swallow a decapitated LEGO head and asked to examine their own poop to determine how long the LEGO took to pass through them.

Participants ingested a Lego head, and the time taken for the object to be found in the participants stool was recorded. The primary outcome was the Found and Retrieved Time (FART) score.

Okay – pause. I am DYING, I am laughing so hard that the score of the test was called “FART”. I am sorry, I think I spend too much time with my boys.

Okay, back to the conclusion…

The FART score averaged 1.71 days. There was some evidence that females may be more accomplished at searching through their stools than males, but this could not be statistically validated.

So, it took an average of 1.71 days to pass a LEGO figurine head according to the FART score.

This should give parents peace of mind knowing that a toy object quickly passes through adult subjects with no complications.

“This will reassure parents, and the authors advocate that no parent should be expected to search through their child’s faeces to prove object retrieval.

Let’s just hope if you or any of your kids ever swallow a LEGO it’s a nice rounded one and not one like this Unicorn horn head. OUCH!

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