What is Fortnite and Why is my kid obsessed with it?

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By now it’s likely you’ve heard all about Minecraft and what it is. It’s all kids have been talking about for years and just when you think you know what game your kid is constantly talking about, they switch games. In case you haven’t heard, all the craze now is Fornite. If you find yourself asking, “What is Fortnite and Why is my kid obsessed with it?”. I’m here to help (because I am totally asking that question myself).

What is Fortnite and Why is my kid obsessed with it? #fornite #whatisfornite #fornitegame #minecraft #battleroyale

Parenting is tough for so many reasons. Just when you think you know your child and what they are into, something changes.

For me, my 8-year-old has been Minecraft obsessed for as long as he could hold a controller correctly in his hands. He even plays online with his friends and enjoys the creative aspect of building worlds and scouring for supplies. Until recent.

A few months back he began talking about this new game, Fornite and how all his friends were playing it and talking about it at school. Needless to say, after about 5 minutes into our very long and detailed conversation (you know how kids love to talk) I realized I had NO clue what he was talking about. Sure, I continued to listen to my son talk about how cool and fun this game was but I still needed a detailed (adult) explanation of what this game was all about.

So, what exactly is Fornite?

Well, from what I understand Fornite is basically an amped up version of Minecraft. Much like Minecraft, you have enemies to fight, you search for resources around the world to build a base, and you can work in a team with your friends to complete all of this. The easiest way to really understand this game is to see how it works for yourself (check out the video below).

Did that make more sense? Good, I hope so!

Now, there is one thing to point out – while it’s like Minecraft in the sense of the strategy building, it’s not anything like Minecraft in terms of cost. Remember how you had to pay for Minecraft and all those times your kid has begged you to buy skins or map packs? This game doesn’t charge you. Yup, it’s FREE game to download!

Of course, the game developers have to make money somehow. After all, it’s a really pretty game. <— something else worth noting, it’s not pixelated like Minecraft. The graphics are actually really pretty!

What is Fortnite and Why is my kid obsessed with it? #fornite #whatisfornite #fornitegame #minecraft #battleroyale

While the game is free, there is in-game content that is readily available for purchase. These purchases are optional but available for players that wish to upgrade their experience.

So, now that we know what Fornite is, why are our kids obsessed with it?

I think that answer is far more simple. It brings me back to my first point – it’s a lot like Minecraft.

Kids love to be creative. Kids love to build (hello, LEGO). Kids love to spend time with their friends fighting monsters, collecting loot, and working out a strategy together.

Overall, it looks like a fun game and is something that will be around for years to come.

What do you think? Is your kid obsessed with Fortnite? 

What is Fortnite and Why is my kid obsessed with it? #fornite #whatisfornite #fornitegame #minecraft #battleroyale

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  1. Wow, shoutout to you for making a horrible explanation.
    I am a teenager so here we go.
    Fornite (Battle Royal) is an online game that you can play with you’re friends, or by yourself
    There are 3 different modes
    Solos Duos and Squads
    You can invite your friends, or play by yourself, with automatic matchmaking

    After you start the game, you will be placed on a plane that will fly across the map in a random direction. You have to drop down and be the last one standing. Sounds simple right, well it’s not.
    Once you and 99 other users find your way to the ground the will be many guns all around so you can eliminate the other players. You can also build to get a height advantage, save yourself from someone firing at you, or making a large base, which you would not do since the map shrinks. Speaking of which, the map is constantly shrinking to provide an increase in action until there is one person standing. This person is deemed the winner and the scene shows a “Victory Royale”

    PUBG: PUBG or PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds is a 30$ game which is very similar to Fortnite except that you can not build. It does not have the same cartoonish feel as Fortnite and is much more realistic. This game was before Fortnite and has over 30 million players.
    Titled Towers: Very Popular place to land.
    Ninja: Very big Streamer on Twitch that plays the game. (No, It is not stupid that these people make money playing video games and you can not do it too. Getting a large audience requires a good personality, being funny, being good at the game, being aware of online culture and usually being young)
    Twitch: A streaming site for games where people play live. (Very hard to do as you have to be entertaining on the spot, being good at the game, while engaging with your audience.)
    Battle Pass: Something your kids might ask you to buy, even though the game is free to play. The battle pass is about $10 dollars and provides no real advantage on the battlefield, but provides you with many skins, and emotes to be unlocked by completing challenges.

    1. She was perfectly describing save the world, fortnite isnt just battle royale, save the world actually requires you to use strategy and anticipate where the enemies are coming from to build adequite defences and to learn how to conserve your resources to be sure ypu can craft what you need to get through the missions and storm shields.