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Barbie What Now?

Okay, I have a four year old. You guys know this, right? She’s a girly girl and that means she’s a huge fan of all things Barbie. She also has a little stuffed puppy she carries everywhere. It’s cute, and totally endearing. His name is Puppy Luppy, and we call him Lups for short.

So, when this commercial came on, my daughter went a little freak show.

I look up to the big ‘ol television in the middle of the room to watch a plastic puppy doing…. and I quote:

“Either Number ONE or Number Two.”

They did not just say that…

Then Barbie goes on to ask, “What will it be? Puppy Pee or Puppy Poo.”

I seriously thought it was a joke.

It’s not.

Look Mattel, let me be clear here–I have a dog he takes the occasional dumb in my closet when I like forget to feed him or whatever–I don’t think I’ve ever once said to myself, “Holy crap on a cracker, this would make the coolest toy EVAR.”

But then again, my daughter asked me to rewind the television three times so she could watch it.

Maybe I don’t have a future career as a toy manufacturer…


Monday 15th of March 2010

you look so friendly


Saturday 13th of March 2010

I just saw this commercial this week, during Spring Break when all things kid rule the house.

Saw it and choked on my coffee.

And isn't there another toy where the potty flushes from one stickered yellow side to a blue sticker side - a Barbie thing?

*barf* Toys are very, um, interactive these days.


Friday 12th of March 2010

This has got to be a sign of the impending apocalypse, right? .-= Lisa´s last blog ..The Most Important Question of All =-.

Christine Holroyd

Friday 12th of March 2010

I read this Steven Wright quote and thought of this post : 'If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?' .-= Christine Holroyd´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday : Excuse Me, Daahling! =-.


Friday 12th of March 2010

@Christine Holroyd, haha love that!!! .-= Jamie´s last blog ..Barbie What Now? =-.

Sally H

Friday 12th of March 2010

You know, I gotta be honest. Every body poops. We don't like to talk about it. But I think some exec somewhere had a kid who wanted a puppy but then the kid would not clean up after the damn thing. So the exec thought "You know... If Barbie likes picking up puppy poop then every little girl will want to do it!"

Jamie Harrington

Friday 12th of March 2010

@Sally H, haha but I don't want my kid to touch my dog's poop!!!

But yeah, everyone does it... I just can't believe there is a TOY for it! .-= Jamie Harrington´s last blog ..Barbie What Now? =-.