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You Can Now Get The Viral Birkenstock Boston Clogs In A Variety Of Colors, And I Need Them All

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Leave it to TikTok to make something so viral that it’s hard to keep in stock at the store.

Thus is the case with the super comfy Birkenstock Boston Clogs.

Birkenstock / Zappos

Do you think these clogs have gone so viral because Gen Z has a huge problem with toes?

Whatever the reason, the Boston Clog has been selling out at retailers, but that’s all changing.

Birkenstock / Zappos

It seems that Birkenstock has doubled down when it comes to finding these viral clogs.

Now, not only can you get them in the standard tan, dark brown, and black, you can find them in a variety of colors, and I’m in love.

Colorful Birkenstock Boston Clogs

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