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You Can Get A Color-Changing Dragon Scale Tumbler And It Is Pure Magic

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Is it possible to fall in love with a tumbler? I think it may have just happened to me, I think I love this tumbler!

This color changing dragon scale tumbler is like magic!


I think with as often as I write about Dragons, you have probably guessed that I love them. If you are anything like me, then you probably want this tumbler too!

I’ve never come across one that was so beautiful! The way the scales catch the light is so mesmerizing and even relaxing to me. Each and every single scale is placed by hand! That is a lot of work!


Since it is handmade, the way the scales are applied creates almost a 3D feel. The shop offers several different sizes and styles to choose from. They are coated with an FDA compliant Epoxy so it has a nice shine and glass like hardness.


The best part, it changes color with the heat that your hand creates! Say what? That’s crazy cool! They use a color-changing pigment for this unique color-changing finish.

You can even choose to have your name added to the color changing dragon scale tumbler. This is actually a pretty great idea because someone may want to snatch this up and claim it as their own!


The tumbler will also come with a lid and reusable straw. You can NOT microwave them or put them in the dishwasher. Hand washing only for this beauty!

I love that these are handmade and totally one of a kind. You can get your own color-changing dragon scale tumbler from RockyTopTumblers on Etsy starting at only $54.95! This would make such an amazing gift!

Cassandra Christ

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