Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries Are Coming Back And I Can’t Wait

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Well, there goes my New Year’s Resolution — right through the Taco Bell window.


In this case, I say, “Resolutions be damned!” These Taco Bell Nacho fries are my favorite thing that has EVER been on the Taco Bell menu — besides the Chicken Taquitos I totally miss those. At least my beloved Nacho Fries are back!


I can’t imagine why these ever left the Taco Bell menu. Have you tried them? OMG.


They are french fries, but they have been spiced up in a way that only Taco Bell can do! They are seasoned, and then you get a side of cheesy NACHO SAUCE to dip them it. YUM! Then, if you’re like me, you douse them in Taco Bell’s Fire Sauce.


These delicious fries don’t come out until January 30th. One look at the Taco Bell online menu makes that very clear. Ha!

Courtesy of Taco Bell

The site makes it VERY clear that these fries cannot be ordered until the 30th. Don’t worry, I have the date circled in my planner.


My son’s favorite part of these Nacho Fries is licking the spice off his finger. Gross, huh! He refuses to use napkins. Don’t MESS with his spicy finger licking!

These fries aren’t QUITE going to be on the Value Menu, but they are less than $2. I can still grab a couple orders without breaking the piggy bank.


As far as my New Year’s Resolution is concerned, I can actually still fit these into my diet. WHEW, since I can’t stay on any diet that doesn’t include these as a splurge!


As far as Weight Watchers points, the fries come in at 10 points. I can totally fit these in!


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