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This Back-To-School Clothing Hack Solves Those Daily Battles About What To Wear

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Without a doubt, one of the hardest things about getting the kids off to school on the daily is fighting over what they are going to wear.

Can you relate?

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the fights. Sometimes they want to wear bright colors, sometimes not. Sometimes they want the soft pants, sometimes not. In the winter, they want to wear shorts. That’s a big no.

It is a daily struggle.

Sometimes TikTok comes through with the best ideas, and this is one of those times.

There are several moms over on TikTok who are sharing their hack for dealing with the daily power struggle that is what to wear, and I think I love them for it.

It’s actually a pretty simple idea. I’m actually surprised I never thought of it.

All it takes is a little planning ahead, and you are covered for the entire week!!

Back-To-School Clothing Hack

So, you are going to start in the organization aisle of Target of Walmart — or wherever you choose to go.

You want to get those stackable drawers — you know the ones I’m talking about?

They also have stacking single acrylic bins. You can use those as well.

There just needs to be a total of 5 bins stacked on top of each other.

Then you want to get some stickers that show the day of the week — Monday, Tuesday, etc.

Slap those stickers right on the front of the bins, so there’s no mistaking which bin is for which day.

Now, on Sunday, you go through the clothes, and pick out what your kids are going to wear for the week.

Sure, your kids can help. It might take a while, but it will be much more relaxed when you’re not pressed for time.

Stick one outfit in each drawer, and VOILA!! You’re done with fighting over outfits for the week!!

You can even stick a bin of accessories on top for them to rummage through and pick out.

Genius, right?!?

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