Target Has A Canopy Island Pool Float And I’m Ready To Lounge Around In The Sun

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You guys, I wish I had a pool. I’ve heard they’re a pain to maintain, but it’s something I definitely want to have in my backyard some day.

Especially when you get a load of this pool float! It so luxurious looking and it desperately makes me miss sitting by my cousin’s pool in the Summer!

Trust me, if I had a pool, this is something I would definitely put on my list of things to order.

Courtesy of Target

It’s called the Intex Inflatable Canopy Island Float Lounge and it’s a GENIUS item to have for your pool, let me explain why.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that I spend more time outside of the pool rather than in it. Whether it’s either because I want to tan or drink something fruity, this inflatable allows you to do just that!

Courtesy of Target

For starters, it has a sun shade, so while you’re floating away and putting all your troubles aside, you don’t have to worry about the sun hurting your eyes!

It also has room for two, so that means you can hang with your best friend, dog, cousin or whoever that might be, but you don’t have to sit out alone!

Although I won’t tell anyone if you need some time alone from all the chaos!

Courtesy of Target

You can also decorate the canopy for date night! I saw a girl on TikTok who put twinkle lights on the front and threw in an assortment of blankets and pillows, including her laptop to watch movies on! Her and her date, had a movie night while floating under the stars, how romantic!

It also has two cup holders, to hold your iced coffee in the morning and your hot chocolate at night.

Courtesy of Target

Now that’s what I call extreme relaxation and as of right now, we all deserve a night off!

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