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Starbucks Buy One, Get One 50% off Drinks is Back… With a Twist

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Do you remember the good ol’ days with the Starbucks BOGO drinks?

Those were my favorite days where I could treat a friend to a free drink upon purchasing one for myself.

Well, since 2020, Starbucks has done away with their BOGO drinks program and we are all sad about it.

But today, Starbucks has launched a new Buy One, Get One 50% off Drinks program and it has a slight twist to it…

Right now, when you order your favorite Starbucks drink today (Monday) using the Starbucks app, you will get a get a coupon valid for 50% off a Starbucks drink that can be redeemed 3/31 – 4/2!

Starbucks is calling this the weekend payoff.

Per the terms on the app, this does not count for hot brewed coffee, tea or Starbucks Reserve and ready-to-drink beverages.

But everything else, should be fair game.

At this time, we have no idea if this deal/program will be a reoccurring thing or if it’s just for this week only.

While this isn’t as good as the BOGO Starbucks days, this is a nice way to save a little on your favorite coffees throughout the week and for that, we are grateful.

So, hurry on into your Starbucks app and check the offers tab. You should see the offer above in your app (if you don’t, make sure your app is up to date).

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