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Starbucks Is Changing Their Rewards Program And It’s Going To Cost More Stars For Free Stuff

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I use the heck out of my Starbucks Rewards App.

Starbucks App

It’s really amazing how quick those stars add up when you hit up Starbucks twice a day. LOL!


BUT, it’s about to get just a bit more difficult to rack up those rewards stars.


Starbucks is changing up their rewards program, and it might mean spending a bit more $$ to earn your way to free stuff.

Here Are The Details Of The Starbucks Rewards Program

So, you will still be able to earn stars towards free Starbucks. That’s the good thing.

You will get one star for every $1 you spend.

Bump that up to two stars for every $1 you spend on a pre-loaded Starbucks gift card.

The number of stars needed for free stuff is changing up, so pay attention.

HOT coffee, HOT tea, and some of the baked goods, which were originally 50 stars, will now require 100 stars to get them for free.

BUT, you can now also get Iced Coffee or Iced Tea for 100 stars. They used to require 150 stars, so yay!

That 100-star tier will also now earn you a few of their packaged goodies, ham and cheese croissants, and some of their plastic to-go cups.

Here’s the part that hurts my heart.

Cold brews, lattes, and all other “handcrafted drinks,” which currently cost you 150 stars, will now require 200 stars.

If you have a craving for one of their lunch sandwiches or salads, you will have to drop 300 stars.

HOWEVER, you can also spend 300 stars to get one of their pre-packaged coffees.

Starbucks merch will still be available at 400 stars, which is the current rate of exchange.

Another thing that will remain unchanged is the 25-star tier.

Customers will still be able to add an espresso shot, flavored syrup, or alternative milk to any drink for 25 stars.

According to Business Insider, these changes to the Starbucks Rewards system will take effect on February 13th.

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