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Dr. Pepper Peeps Exist And You Have To Try It

Peeps just unveiled a new flavor that we never knew we needed, and it’s actually good!!

It seems like we can’t get away from those bright, animal shaped marshmallows.

They used to be an Easter delicacy, but the Peeps were front and center in my kids stockings this year.

In fact, you can get Peeps in things like Soda, Ice Cream, and even Nail Polish — the latter of which was a must-have for my teenage daughter.

Peeps and Company

Every now and then, Peeps will release a flavor that we simply can’t resist checking out.

When they dropped Donut Shop flavor and Cotton Candy Peeps, I’ll admit, I threw them in my shopping cart just for funzies.


Now, Peeps has teamed up with my favorite soda to bring us a brand new flavor.

Dr. Pepper Peeps!

I mean, we already knew that Peeps and Pepsi were bringing us a flavor hybrid, expected sometime in February.

But, we never expected a Dr. Pepper X Peeps collab!

Now, these have been found at Walmart, but we aren’t yet sure if they are exclusive.

Have you tried them? Let us know where you got them!