How To Talk To Kids About The Coronavirus

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I have always been honest with my kids about things that could happen. Just looking throughout history we see these things happen.

My parents were always honest with me. I think being realistic about life helps keep some of the fears away.

First of all, kids pick up cues from YOU, the parent, the adult, or whatever you are to them. If you are freaking out, then they will freak out.

Everyone needs to calm down! Stress is not good for you or your children. It solves nothing.

Secondly, ask them what they know. Let them talk, don’t interrupt. Just listen and pay attention.

Once they have told you, address what is truth and what is false. Give them the facts in terms that they understand.

So many people are making people think they are going to die. Stop that! The kids are hearing this! Don’t scare them!

I have a compromised immune system and every single day of this I have read how people like me are going to die. Sorry y’all, I’m not going down with this.

Third, tell them how they can help prevent contracting and spreading the illness. Such as proper handwashing, make a handwashing chart together with a favorite song.

Fourth, if you have a sensitive child I wouldn’t take them to a grocery store right now. Seeing the empty shelves could truly scare them. We know they shelves will be restocked. They might not grasp that.

Always be honest, but appropriate in what you say. Find things to fill the time. Teach them how to bake some bread. Virtually visit a museum. Let them know it is OK. Keep it simple.

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