This Mom Made A Hot Pockets Costume For Her Son When He ‘Refused’ To Be Anything Else

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I’m a big fan of letting your kid choose their Halloween costume. LUCKILY, my kids have always chosen relatively easy costumes — Elsa from Frozen, a pirate, Mavis from Hotel Transylvania, Olaf from Frozen — usually stuff I can buy right off the internet.

But, there are SOME things you can’t buy off the internet, and that is when this mom from TikTok enjoys stepping up to the challenge.

She has made some pretty creative costumes throughout the years, but it was THIS year that could have easily tripped her up.

Her son asked to be something a bit different this year — a Hot Pocket.

Talk about a challenge! How in the world do you even go about making a Hot Pocket costume?

Well, Jessica Schaefer had an idea, and she let her creative juices fly to come up with the perfect costume for her breakfast-pastry loving son.

She headed to the Walmarts, and picked up her supplies. A foam mattress topper, some cardboard, some brown spray paint.

Then she got out her Cricut Cutting Machine, and got to cutting out the letters she would need to make the costume legit.

In the end, she ended up with exactly what her son wanted. Thanks to her quick mommy crafting skills, she actually transformed her son into a Hot Pocket.

She is my new hero.

Maybe she can make my kids’ costumes this year. LOL!!

In case you are curious what some of her previous genius costumes have been, check this out.

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