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Dear Reader, International Delight Released ‘Bridgerton’ Themed Coffee Goods And I Can’t Wait to Try Them

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Just in time for the release of Bridgerton Season 3, International Delight is bringing us THREE new Bridgerton-themed coffee products!!

I really couldn’t be more excited about this International Delight drop.

International Delight has teamed up with Netflix to bring us a yummy Bridgerton-inspired line of very limited edition coffee yummies inspired by the show, Bridgerton — of course!!

What in the world coffee flavors could they come up with related to Bridgerton, you ask?

Just wait…

There are two new coffee creamers, and — the one I am MOST excited for — one iced coffee flavor!

First up is the International Delight Berries & Crème Creamer. Sounds amazing, right?

International Delight

This International Delight Berries & Crème Creamer is described as having notes of sweet and fruity berries alongside smooth, rich crème.

The International Delight English Toffee Creamer — my mouth is watering — features swirls of sweet chocolate flavor with notes of caramel.

As for the International Delight Iced Coffee Berries & Crème, it delivers the fresh flavors of sweet and fruity berries mingled with a decadent rich crème.

These new International Delight coffee products are going to be available at stores starting at the end of this month.

They will be available through the end of January — if they last that long.

Y’all. Run. Run to stores to pick up this delicious International Delight take on Bridgerton coffee flavors before they disappear.

International Delight

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