Dear Parents, Please Be Patient With Kids On Halloween This Year

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Trick-or-treating on Halloween night is a time of year when kids get to eat as much candy as they want without getting yelled at by mom or dad.

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However, moms and dads, this is a public service announcement to all parents who give out candy every year to hungry trick-or-treaters.

As a parent, we expect kids to say “trick-or-treat” when asking for the big bowl of candy in the neon orange plastic container, but the reality is, that’s not reality.

While some kids might immediately announce “trick-or-treat, smell my feet”, others may not, and know that that is okay.

The child who doesn’t announce the very line that commonly makes adults drop a piece of candy or two into a pillowcase is because some of the little ones dressed as a police officer or a witch could be nonverbal.

The child who grabs two pieces of candy rather than one needs patience and understanding from the person who is giving it the sweets because he or she may have poor fine motor skills.

If a kid has a peanut allergy or is allergic to chocolate or simply doesn’t prefer pretzels, they might look at the candy bowl filled with only Reese’s peanut butter cups and chocolate candies disappointedly, and that’s also okay.

It doesn’t mean their ungrateful either; allergies in other words stink, and not having a piece of candy they really want is bumming.

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The child who may not have a costume on also deserves candy too!

Not every kid will be dressed as a werewolf, mermaid or Bigfoot because some kids could have Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder, and keep in mind that some children who may look too old to be trick-or-treating, might be developmentally delayed.

The point is parents, be mindful of every kid who rings your doorbell, doesn’t chant “trick-or-treat” or those who simply aren’t dressed for the occasion, every kid wants a sweet treat they can enjoy on the night of freight, and Happy Halloween!

Courtesy of Dr. Ali Griffith

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