This Mom Crochets Costumes For Her Kids and They Are INCREDIBLE

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I can’t even bring myself to go to the store to buy my kids $25 Halloween costumes. I certainly don’t win Mom Of The Year in that department.

Then there is Stephanie Pokorny from Crochetverse. Not only does she make sure her kids have Halloween costumes, but she crochets costumes… freehand… from head to toe.

She has been crocheting since she was 16 years old, and she is amazing at what she does! Seriously, mother of the freaking year award right here…

It’s not that she CAN’T work from a crochet pattern, in fact, she sells them. But, she just chooses to work freehand on the costumes. They are for sure one-of-a-kind!

She says that they live in a climate that is cooler, so the costume works two-fold. Not only is it a super-cool costume that the kids can be excited about, it keeps the kids nice and warm during the cool fall weather.

I am simply blown away, not only by how awesome the outfits are, but how freaking detailed they are!! Some even glow, and some even have lights!!

I have to say, this Slimer costume is my favorite and it glows in the dark. AHHH.

Credit: Crochetverse

All her work can be found at Crochetverse, which she also runs.

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