People Are Using Target Candy Bowls As Succulent Holders And I Have To Make One

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Sometimes people simply amaze me with the cute creativity that flows from their brains!!

Look how people have been using the Target Halloween Candy Bowls! Little succulent holders!!

OMG! How amazingly cute is this idea?!?

I saw this, and immediately drove to Target to copy this genius idea!!

You are not going to believe what I am about to tell you … THE CANDY BOWLS WERE ONLY $3!

I am not joking! I found the bowls at the front of the store in the Dollar Spot.

How could I NOT get one of each?!? Choosing between them was an impossible task.

Of course, you can use them as regular candy bowls, because they are cute enough to fit on any desk or table!

But, I had to go straight to my local farmer’s market to look at their beautiful display of mini succulents.

Any of these awesome succulents would be so freaking cute sticking out of one of Target’s Halloween candy bowls!

Thank you, Target, for being my happy place, and always knowing what I need before I even know I need it!

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