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You Can Get Cabbage Patch Kids Wigs For Your Baby And They Are Adorable

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This totally makes me wish my kids were still babies!! OMG. Look at that cutie!!

One year, I made my daughter a yarn braid to go in her hair for Halloween, and it was one of my favorite costumes EVER!! I will admit, however, these Cabbage Patch Kids wigs are WAY more adorable.

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I had an obsession with Cabbage Patch Kids when I was younger — and if I’m completely honest, I still think they are pretty darn cute. I’m talking about the ORIGINAL Cabbage Patch Kids — the ones with the yarn hair!

Remember how they smelled like perfectly sweet baby powder?


In fact, I saved my original Cabbage Patch Kid, “Richie Chris,” and just handed him down to my daughter a couple years ago. Don’t worry, I make sure she treats him like the baby he is!


In the name of all cute Cabbage Patch Kids costumes, look what we found on Amazon!! Cabbage Patch Kids costume wigs made out of yarn!

Courtesy of Amazon

I need to find a baby STAT, so I can gift them one of these wigs that make your chunky monkey young one look exactly like a Cabbage Patch kid!

Courtesy of Amazon

They come in a plethora of colors, and you can even choose to get them with braided hair! How absolutely adorable is that?!?

Courtesy of Amazon

Seriously, I wonder if my 13 year old would appease my wishes, and wear one for Halloween!!

You can find these cute yarn Cabbage Patch Kids inspired wigs right on Amazon. They have both baby and toddler sizes.

Courtesy of Amazon

They range in price from $20 to $60, and I want to just buy them all to give as baby shower gift or toddler birthday gifts. Ha!

Courtesy of Amazon

Speaking of totally cute costumes on Amazon, you have GOT to check out these Nightmare Before Christmas costumes for your pet! They have them on Amazon, and you can throw them in you virtual cart right with your Cabbage Patch Kids wig.

Courtesy of Amazon

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