Jimmy John’s Released A ‘Little John’ Sandwich and I Need It

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Jimmy John’s now has a LITTLE JOHN for $3!

Honestly, when I first saw it, I thought of the actual Lil’ John… and he totally should have done the commercials for this new sandwich. Just saying…

Jimmy Johns

Anyways, I love me some Jimmy John’s sandwiches, but sometimes they are just too much … size AND money.

The Little John is a “Skinny Mini Version of ANY Original Sandwich!” It is about the size of a large break stick… just perfect!

It is GREAT for kids, or for those who don’t want one of on of Jimmy John’s bigger sandwiches… like me, most of the time!

Jimmy johns

Each sandwich also has between 240 and 340 calories, if you get them as described on the menu. HELLO! Great for dieters.

Jimmy Johns

They get about half the meat and half the cheese of the original … and you can still get any of the freebies added at no cost!

They make an absolutely perfect lunch when paired with a drink … and chips if you so desire.


Just like their other sandwiches, they can be delivered … “Freaky Fast.”

You can get one of these Little Johns as ANY of their Original sandwiches … and they’ll save you about half calories and a lot of the cost.

To order and to see of Jimmy John’s delivers in your area, you can go to JimmyJohns.com.

Now, before you jump all over me … I am aware of the founder’s problems on social media. Remember, however, each Jimmy John’s is a FRANCHISE. By supporting your local store, you are supporting a local business and local economy.

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