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These Baby Costumes Are The Cutest Things I Have Seen All Day

OMG, Party City! I’m not sure my heart can handle all the cuteness contained in this post.

Party City has definitely pulled out a winner with this batch of costumes.

Are you ready for this …

Oh My Sweet Goodness!

Party City has Halloween costumes for babies.

Via Party City

I could, seriously forego binge watching Hulu, and just look at these all day!

I need a friend who has a baby, so I can spoil them with one of these precious costumes.

Via Party City

It’s not just little babies, toddlers are invited to this play date, too!

Via Party City

They will run you $19-$40, but just look at them! That is so worth it to see your teeny tiny human in all their costumed glory.

Party City also has a Buy one, Get one 50% off on costumes right now.

Via Party City

Yes, please!

I suppose you could get the costumes for Halloween, but you could really stick your cutie in one of these year round.

Via Party City

You might think these are all the costumes they have, but NOPE! You have to check them out! There are so many more.

Via Party City

Run, don’t crawl, to your closest Party City! Then, let me see the pictures of your little one in one of these precious outfits.

Via Party City

Of course, if you don’t have a Party City close to you, you can check them out online.

The website says there’s FREE SHIPPING on orders over $30, so you HAVE to get two!!

Via Party City

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