Chick-Fil-A Is Adding Fudge Brownies And A Mocha Cream Cold Brew To Their Menu And I’m On My Way

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Chick-fil-A is adding two new items to their menu; like it’s already not hard enough to not eat there every single day, now I might be there twice a day.

The fast food restaurant is adding two new coffee selections, a chocolate fudge brownie and their new coffee might just replace my daily Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew order from Starbucks.

Courtesy of Chick-fil-A

Beginning September 14th, their menu will include a new blend of THRIVE Farmers® Hot Coffee, a seasonal Mocha Cream Cold Brew at participating locations and of course, the sweet chocolatey and fudge brownie!

If there’s anything to get out of Chick-fil-A, we all know that’s quality and even a simple brownie from the restaurant is high class, which by the way includes chunks of fudge.

According to a press release, the new hot coffee blend includes notes of caramel and a nutty finish while the Mocha Cold Brew, well, that basically describes itself regarding a chocolate flavored coffee.


“We are always looking to add fun and flavorful offerings to our menu, and these new dessert and snack options make perfect additions as we enter the fall season,” said Leslie Neslage, director of menu and packaging at Chick-fil-A. “We received positive responses when we tested the Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Mocha Cream Cold Brew in select markets last year, and we hope our customers will be as excited as we are to have these sweet treats join our menu nationwide.”

Leslie Neslage, director of menu and packaging at Chick-fil-A

Starbucks, it looks like you have some competition because it looks like my morning runs may take a left for Chick-fil-A instead of a right for Starbucks.


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