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Monday is Free Sliders Day at White Castle

May 15th is now one of my favorite new holidays, and I legit just found out about it.

Okay, it might have been made up by White Castle — the jury is still out.

It’s fun to celebrate the burger that put White Castle on the map over 100 years ago and launched an entire fast-food industry.

 Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle

It turns out that May 15th has been dubbed “National Sliders Day,” and I can’t think of a more yummy day to celebrate those tasty little Slider Sandwiches.

And, my FAVORITE Sliders are about to be FREE on May 15th, and I can’t wait!

What better way to show some slider love than by giving away a free cheese slider to those who crave the brand?

 Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle

White Castle is celebrating this National Sliders Day by giving out FREE Cheese Slider Sandwiches inside their restaurants, and here are the deets.

Check this out: There is no other purchase necessary to claim one of these free Slider Sandwiches.

White Castle

You just have to show a digital coupon when you order, and VOILA!! The slider is yours.

We even have that digital slider coupon for you!! Just go HERE.

White Castle

There is one other rule when getting your free Cheese Slider Sandwich. Each customer is limited to one free slider per visit.

Imma ’bout to drop in on White Castle, 5 visits in one day!! LOL!!

Go get your digital coupon, and hit up White Castle on May 15th. It’s the new best day of the year!!