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Walmart Has A New Rewards Program. Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

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Walmart just launched a brand new rewards program called Walmart Rewards, this is not the credit card rewards.

Walmart Rewards is a free rewards program where you can earn rewards based on what you buy.

The new rewards program just launched on August 18th and isn’t quite available to everyone yet, but that will change starting in 2023 which really isn’t that far off!

You do need to be a Walmart+ member to take advantage of Walmart Rewards.

Just sign into your Walmart account to see if you can participate yet, you will then click ‘Add Reward’ when it shows by an item you are wanting to purchase.

You can use the rewards program for in-store, pick-up, and even delivery purchases!

You can use your rewards on a future purchase, which can also be done in-store, or on Walmart.com.

You can also earn rewards and redeem rewards from your Walmart Rewards balance at the same time, that’s super cool!

Walmart Rewards and coupons can not be combined, so please keep that in mind if you have a coupon.

With rising prices, I find myself looking for more rewards programs when it comes to shopping for groceries and even picking up a drink or meal from a fast food restaurant.


Sign up here for Walmart+ and then you can see if you qualify for the new Walmart Rewards program!

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