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Drop What You’re Doing And Run To Target Because They Just Released A Hot Cocoa Bomb Advent Calendar

If you aren’t dropping a ball of chocolate into your piping hot milk this winter, you are doing it all wrong!

Target is on FIRE with the hot cocoa bombs and they just dropped a new set of hot chocolate bombs.

This Advent Calendar is filled with 6 Hot Chocolate Bombs and I can’t think of a better holiday gift!

Entertain in sweet style this holiday season with Hot Chocolate Drink Bombs from Wondershop™. Hot cocoa is perfect for combating the chill of winter and creating a warm, welcoming vibe in your home for family and visitors alike. Whip up some hot cocoa after a day spent playing outside in the cold with the kiddos, or create a delectable hot cocoa bar with tasty mix-ins like whipped cream, candy cane pieces and more for a night in with friends.

The hot chocolate bombs are filled with hot cocoa and mini marshmallows. Just pop them into a warm glass of milk, stir and sip away!

Oh, and did you notice, one is in the shape of a star!!

Ahhh these are just $7.99 and are going to sell out. You have to buy them in-store so hurry into your local Target to find them!

You can check out the Target Hot Cocoa Bomb Advent Calendar Here.