A Shoe With A Partial Foot Inside Was Found In A Yellowstone Hot Spring

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This is one of those things that gave me the full body shivering heebee jeebees…

I love getting out in nature and that means I am often getting in natural bodies of water, so you can see why something like this has me feeling a bit icky.

I mean, I’m not naive, I know there are bodies in the water, but I really try not to think of such things while I explore.

An employee at Yellowstone National Park found what seems to be part of a human foot inside a shoe that was floating in the Abyss Pool hot spring.

Could you imagine finding that, I feel so bad for the employee that found it!

The Abyss Pool is located close to the West Thumb Geyser Basin and is one of the deepest hot springs at Yellowstone at 53-foot-deep!

The foot was found Tuesday and Rangers did close the Abyss Pool hot spring as well as access to the West Thumb Geyser Basin temporarily, however, it has now been reopened to visitors.

There is an investigation underway, and I hope they find the body that the foot belongs to and maybe give the person’s family the closure that they need… it’s just so sad.

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