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These Ghostface Food Boards Will Have You Screaming In Excitement

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Oh my happy Halloween horror haunts!!

I am totally making this for Halloween. I don’t care if I have to plan a Halloween party just for the occasion. I’m totally making it!!

If you are a fan of Halloween, horror, movies, food boards, or all of the above, you have to check out this Ghostface Food Board!

The only constant is that you have to have a picture of Ghostface front and center on the board.

But, beyond that, the possibilities are endless as to how you can customize this board.

Just choose your favorite snacks and treats — go fancy, or go simple and fun — arrange them on the tray, and voila!!

How To Make A Ghostface Food Board

You want to start by choosing a big ol’ plate or board to hold the food.

These round wooden serving trays would be perfect!!


You want to start by cutting a Ghostface mask out of something white — a tortilla or the top of a chunk of brie cheese would be perfect.

As the background to go behind the face, you could use blackberries or black olives — just arrange them to look like a cloak.

Then, you just brainstorm every finger food that you love, and arrange it on the tray.

You could do different kinds of chips with dips on the side.

You could go with standard charcuterie fare — meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits, etc.

Basically, anything and everything goes. As long as you love it, go for it!

Now, take a picture of your board, because we want to see those Ghostface photos!!

Happy haunted Halloween, and enjoy your Ghostface food boards!

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