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This ‘Scream’ Cold Tumbler Is Going To Be Your Go To Cup This Halloween

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“You should never say ‘who’s there?’ Don’t you watch scary movies? It’s a deathwish.” — Scream

One of my FAVORITE Halloween Horror Films of all times is Scream. It scares the ever-loving crap out of me.

And, that’s the whole point of Halloween, right? To be insanely scared. (Why is that even fun?!?)

That’s why I freaking LOVE this Scream inspired Halloween Cold Cup Tumbler.


OMG! It’s so fantastically amazing!!

“No — You Hang Up.” Hahaha!


Ghostface 24oz cold cup comes with lid and straw


Now, the design on this plastic cup is handmade. You only want to HAND WASH this cup to protect the integrity of the design.


You also don’t want to get it anywhere near a microwave! Just say no.


Beautiful Cups

SprinkleCups Review

This item ships from Arizona, and if you live in the United States, it should take about 7 days to get to you from the time you place your order.


Each pink and black plastic reusable tumbler is going to set you back about 25 bucks.

You can get your own Ghostface Scream-Inspired Cold Cup Tumbler from the SprinkleCups shop on Etsy.


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