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Target Is Selling A Creepy Animated Jack O’ Lantern You Can Put In Your House For Halloween

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Boo! I’m coming for you!!

This is one spooky Halloween prop. It’s even too sophisticated and scary to call a “decoration!”

It seriously looks like it’s straight out of a slasher Halloween film!!


If you tend to lean towards the creepy side with your Halloween decor, this one’s for you!

Target is selling a Jack Attack Animated Jack O’ Lantern that would be just perfect on your porch or in your house this Halloween. You don’t want to put this guy out in the yard. Keep him inside or on a covered patio.


He’s gonna scare the screams out of all those trick-or-treaters who dare pass your property line.

Jack Attack is an all electric Frightronic prop that includes a simulated flame light that makes it glow.


This dude is creeptastic!

Jack Attack, the hella-cool Halloween prop, is made of foam filled latex. It gives him a soft and squishy “I’m Alive!” vibe.


He makes noise by downloading a sound file (onto your own digital audio player) from the Frightronic website.

I saved the absolute creepiest part for last. This dude crawls!!

Well, he doesn’t ACTUALLY crawl, but he moves from side to side, which makes it totally look like he is crawling or walking straight for you!!

I’m telling you, I’m not sure the little itty-bitty kids will enjoy this as much as the big kids. It will scare the hell out of them (quite literally).

Jack Attack is hand painted at Distortions Unlimited in the USA. You should check out their other stuff — everything they make is totally realistic and scary as crap.

This Jack O’ Lantern prop is an investment at nearly 600 bucks, but he is large and made to last!

You can get your own Jack Attack Animated Jack O’ Lantern Halloween Prop from the Target website.


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But, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’d call it a bit sadistic.

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