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Teachers Are Duct Taping Markers Together and It Is Pure Genius

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Listen up teachers! If you aren’t doing this hack, you are missing the boat.

I was going to specifically gear this toward the elementary teacher, but those high school kids can be mischievous little devils as well. Ha!

Heck, I could use this hack in my own home, and it would save me so much time and wasted money!

You know how you have those markers that keep disappearing?

In my house, it’s the dag blame Sharpie marker. I keep the junk drawer stocked with Sharpie markers, but there is NEVER one when I need to use it!!

Well, this little hack will fix that problem!

Just grab yourself some duct tape. I don’t care if it’s the boring gray kind, or a bright color. As long as it sticks, it will work.

No, it’s not to tape your kids’ hands to the markers. LOL!!

You want to gather your markers up, and lay them down in a straight line, with the cap side facing away from you.

Okay, now take that duct tape and lay it across the lids of the markers.

Make sure you keep the markers straight, and tape up both sides of the marker caps.

When you are done, you should have a solid line of markers with the lids taped together.

When a kid wants to use one of the markers, they simply pull it down out of the row of makers.

They will inevitably have to recap the marker, at which point it goes BACK into the original line of taped up markers!

Never will you lose a marker again!!

I told you! It’s a genius hack!

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