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Taylor Swift’s Netflix Documentary Will Make You Love Her in a Whole New Way

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If you are looking for a new feel-good show to watch on Netflix, let it be Taylor Swift’s New Netflix Documentary Miss Americana. It’ll will make you love her in a whole new way.

If you are a Swift fan you probably already know that she is awesome but seeing this side of her brings out a new found love.

In the documentary, Taylor takes fans at a look at what happens behind the scenes but not just for making music. More along the lines of how she responds to things as a person – a real human being.

She talks about how she was this picture perfect girl everyone wanted her to be and after taking a year off, she came back stronger and better than ever.

I honestly had NO idea she ever even left. That is amazing to me that she did that and came back with such an amazing attitude and new look at life.

I honestly haven’t seen anything but great reviews and nice things about this documentary and people really love Taylor even more now…


She’s amazing and this documentary is hand’s down one of the best things I’ve ever seen.


You can check out the trailer for Miss Americana below. It is available on Netflix now.

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