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Anne Hathaway Confirmed ‘Princess Diaries 3’ Is In The Works and I Am So Excited

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Shut up! Anne Hathaway has confirmed that there IS a script for the 3rd installment in the Princess Diaries movies, and I’m doing a royal happy dance!

Courtesy of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on YouTube

She’s onboard, and so is Julie Andrews, who will FOREVER be Mary Poppins to me! They need to get the royal ball rolling on this film, and bring it to theaters, like, now!

Courtesy of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on YouTube

There is a script for the third movie. There is a script. I want to do it. Julie wants to do it. Debra Martin Chase, our producer, wants to do it. We all really want it to happen. It’s just we don’t want to unless it’s perfect, because we love it just as much as you guys love it. It’s as important to us as it is to you, and we don’t want to deliver anything until it’s ready. But, we’re working on it.’

Anne Hathaway

It was one of the most popular movies from the early 2000’s, at least in my world. The original film follows Mia Thermopolis, an uber shy teenager, who is just trying to make it through her high school experience in San Francisco. Her world is turned upside down, as she finds out she is of royal lineage.


Haven’t we ALL wished this would happen to us. Ha!

Princess Diaries 2 picks up with Princess Mia as she is headed toward her coronation to become Queen! As you can guess, there are a few mishaps and hiccups along the way. Would you expect anything else?


At the end of Princess Diaries 2, we left Her Majesty Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Queen of Genovia, who had, in fact, been coronated. She had opened up a children’s home with the help of Caroline. And, everything was PERFECT.


Mia even managed to get the marriage law in Genovia abolished. The queen was now allowed to be queen WITHOUT marrying somebody she did not love. Yay!


They — being everyone involved with the movie — wrapped The Princess Diaries up pretty well, and even tied a virtual red bow on top. I am very curious to see in what direction they take the movie with this third sequel.


I will GLADLY welcome a third Princess Diaries movie! Bring it on!

Watch the interview with Anne Hathaway, below.

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