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IKEA Is Holding A Drawing Competition For Kids And The Winner Gets Their Creation Made Into An Actual Toy

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ATTENTION all young artists! IKEA is holding a competition, and this one’s for YOU!!

Courtesy of IKEA

There have been so many drawings that my kids have created that I swear would be the cutest stuffed toys!

Monsters and Fairies, Dinosaurs and Superheroes, I’ve wanted to turn them all into lasting toys that they can keep for years to come — maybe even hand down to THEIR kids.

Well, IKEA is giving kids exactly that opportunity. They are holding a drawing competition for kids 12 years old and under, and it is totally one of the coolest competitions I have ever heard of.

Each kid who wants to enter the competition makes a drawing of the most special and unique creation the can come up with.

Just wait until you hear what the winners get!!

IKEA will accept drawing entries until November 20th, and then they will post the finalists to their Instagram page on December 1st.

We actually get to vote on the finalists and their super cute drawings, and I can’t wait!!

Courtesy of IKEA

The winner will get their creation made into a cuddly stuffed animal that will be sold at Ikea stores around the world.

Gah! I wish I were a kid again! This would be so much fun!

Courtesy of IKEA

As an IKEA Family member, your child is invited to take part in the IKEA Soft Toy drawing competition where the most unique creations will be turned into real cuddly toys sold in all IKEA stores across the world.

Email from IKEA
Courtesy of IKEA

There were six winners in last year’s competition, and those stuffed creations have just been release to stores, and OMG, they are cute!!

Courtesy of IKEA

Kids are the most creative little creatures, and I can’t wait to see what they all come up with!!

Courtesy of IKEA

If you have a kid who wants to submit a piece of artwork to IKEA, you simply go their website and follow the directions.

Courtesy of IKEA

Children from all over the world are taking part in this competition and 6 lucky winners will see their drawings transform into real soft toys sold in IKEA stores during autumn 2021. IKEA globally will be donating the entire sale of the SAGOSKATT collection, the soft toys made from last year’s winners, to Save the Children’s relief and recovery efforts in the United States.

Courtesy of IKEA

Now, all this talk about IKEA is making me crave their Sweedish Meatballs. LUCKILY they have released their delicious recipe, so I can totally make them at home!!

Courtesy of IKEA

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