This Giant Camping Chair Has Six Cup Holders and Is Big Enough to Seat Multiple People at Once

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When it comes to roasting marshmallows, everyone fights for the best seat near the open fire.

And if you’ve ever had more people camping than there were chairs, you’ll be happy to know that now you can sit up to several people in just one chair!

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Enter: The oversized camping chair, or lawn chair if you will.

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What is most likely the largest folding chair ever, the XXXL chair stands at 5.5 feet and is 5 feet wide for you and your best friend or your mom, dad, and siblings to sit comfortably in one big chair.

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A 3 feet deep chair large enough to easily sit two adults or four children, this oversized lawn chair is made from UV/water resistant fabric to assist on camping trips for years to come.

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With six cup holders that allow you to store more than enough drinks for the remainder of the night, you’ll never have to leave your chair again with the fear of someone else taking your seat when you return.

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Don’t feel like sitting; it’s also big enough to lie down to catch a few z’s!

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You can find the oversized camping chair online at Amazon or Walmart in two different colors including red or black!

Courtesy of Amazon

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